Transience Glitters (Upon You)

Work by invitation for the Bunbury Biennale (2021) at Bunbury Regional Art Gallery (BRAG). Recipient of the Bunbury Biennale Acquisitive Award.

^^^ excerpt from TG(UY) (2021).

Catalogue Statement

I begin by acknowledging the lives, love, and joy of Black and Indigenous trans women and
femmes whose work has made the lives of every single LGBTQIA+ person less painful.

Transience Glitters (Upon You) is a queer, trans multi-presence. The experience of one queer, trans or gender non-conforming person is personal, unique, and expansive into other facets of our lives.
Existing in a minority, which in too many circumstances is downtrodden, misunderstood or embedded with the risk of violence or even death (too often this is the case), can be lonely and painful. With this solitude though, comes a beautiful comradery. Transness and queerness is built on chosen family, collective and community. Transience Glitters (Upon You) is a soft but strong, glittering, butch and beautiful composite portrait of members of this community.

Materially speaking, this work is largely comprised of digital amalgamative portraiture, in combination with some physical prints. The digital world is inherently queer. Technology allows us close to infinite possibility for self-determination. Trans and queer people often find themselves and their peers online- and for those not at home in their physical bodies, digital spaces can provide some respite and hope. Transience Glitters (Upon You) draws digital world into physical world, and physical world back into digital. Transness connects everything.

Too often, gender diverse experiences are portrayed as pitiful, painful or for comedic effect. These tropes are harmful, outdated and frankly incorrect. Transience Glitters (Upon You) gives view into a
romantic, vulnerable, flamboyant, quiet, and whole experience of trans identity. Trans folk deserve more than we’ve had in this world so far. As visibility increases, so does danger. To put oneself out into the world a queer, trans, gender non-conforming individual is a move of power unlike many others. Transience Glitters (Upon You) is for you.

We see you, and we’ve got you.

^^^ excerpts from TG(UY) (2021).

^^^ install shot of Transience Glitters (Upon You) at Bunbury Regional Art Gallery (2021).

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