SEE SOMETHING is a series of photographic, digitally manipulated images that seem to exist in both physical and non-physical senses.

The images lend themselves toward creating an alternate reality, a fantasy space of both vibration and rest.

A combination of unedited photographs and heavily altered digital compilations, SEE SOMETHING looks to provide a space of escape- somewhere/something that gives a visceral, enveloping resting space to the emotional self.

What were once -fleetingly- sculptural forms existing in the physical world are held abstractly as slow moments to be revisited in time of need. The main aim of this body of work is to give a space of abstract reflection- both literally and metaphorically- to those who need to feel it.

The work’s sculptural set up moved and changed throughout the process of photo documentation. Materials involved were all of human-made nature- posing as natural forms. Bubble wrap, chains and a mirror give notions of fragility/ protection, armoury/ glamour and reflection/ duality.

Selected works from SEE SOMETHING were recently shown at HAXA HOUSE in April 2019, as a part of KickstART Festival at Centre for Stories in Northbridge.

Works were exhibited alongside the series’ sibling series Silver Community, which comprises of five carefully constructed sculptures of found metal.

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