REAL DREAM was shown as a part of Magical Woman- a group show curated by Aisyah Aquil Sumito and Sophie Nixon- at Paper Mountain in Northbridge.

REAL DREAM is a photographic portrait series that exists to celebrate the existence of transgender, non-binary and gender diverse individuals.

Subverting one-dimensional depictions of transness and what it means to exist as a transgender person, Sam Huxtable moves into a realm beyond categorical definitions, and into one of personal exploration.

Portraying an individual afforded the space to exist within a place of beauty and glamour, Huxtable navigates the REAL DREAM. That is, a multi–dimensional representation of trans experience.” — Excerpt from Magical Woman Catalogue

Selected works from Real Dream were exhibited as part of the Clifford and Chance ARCUS Pride exhibition in June 2019.

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