An interactive, sculptural performance.

Photograph by Anastasia Julien-Martial.

Interaction between human, nature, human made and human nature.

An installation of citrus fruits (juicy!) found metal objects and jewellery (shiny!)

Body and mind, fruit and metal transcend everyday expectation and become sculptural and emotional tools. Whether squishing, juicing, slicing, squashing, or gently placing, balancing, resting, or separating. Interaction (or absence of) connects mind to body to exterior world.

Citrus Extract took place as a performance at Paper Mountain in Northbridge as a part of Endless Answers/ PEAKS 2019 through Perth Fringe Festival.

Sam Huxtable was joined in Performance by artist Patrick Gunasekera, with photographic and video documentation by Anastasia Julien-Martial and Callan Huxtable.

Sam Huxtable Citrus Extract 2019. Performance at Paper Mountain. Photograpah by Callan Huxtable.
Patrick Gunasekera Citrus Extract 2019. Photograph by Callan Huxtable.

Film Documentation

by Anastasia Julien-Martial

Digital Documentation

By Callan Huxtable

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